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Porsche Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy applies in addition to the specific Privacy Policy applicable to our website and provides additional information about the nature, scope and object of the processing of the cookies and tracking technologies used (referred to collectively hereinafter as "cookies").

Categories of cookies

We use cookies for different purposes and with different functions. We distinguish between the purpose of the cookies used (technically necessary cookies, cookies for analysis and performance, as well as marketing cookies, see section of our specific Privacy Policy), how long a cookie is stored and used for (duration of storage), whether they are set by our website or by a third party, and who provides the cookie or similar technology (hereinafter also referred to together as "cookie provider").

Duration of storage

Session cookies: Most cookies are only required for the duration of the period when you are accessing our website, or your session, and are either deleted or expire as soon as you leave our website, or your current session expires (so-called "session cookies"). Session cookies are used, for example, to retain certain information during your session, such as your authentication for our website.

Permanent cookies: These cookies are stored over a longer period, for example to recognise you again when you access our website at a later date and to retrieve stored settings. This enables you to access our website faster or more conveniently, for example, or means that you do have not have to select certain settings again, such as your chosen language. Permanent cookies are automatically deleted after a predefined period of time if you visit the site or domain from which the cookie was set.

Flow cookies: These cookies are used by various internal Porsche servers to communicate with one other. They are set when a user begins interacting with the system and are deleted again when the interaction ends. Flow cookies receive a unique identification number during the interaction, which does not gather any information about the actual customer or user.

Cookie providers

Primary source cookies: These are cookies that are directly placed by us.

Third-party cookies: So-called "third-party cookies", on the other hand, are placed and used by other places or websites, for example, by providers of analytics tools or targeting/retargeting technologies (marketing cookies). Further information about cookies for analysing range and performance, as well as marketing cookies, can be found in section 1.1.3 of the specific Privacy Policy for our website. Third-party providers may also use cookies to display advertising or to integrate content from social networks, such as social plug-ins.

Information about individual cookies and the options for deleting, denying and revoking the use of cookies

For more information on individual cookies (e.g. the processing company, legal basis, location of data processing, etc.), please see the detailed information fields (indicated by question mark icons) under Cookie Settings above. Information about the options for deleting, denying and revoking the use of cookies can be found in section of the specific Privacy Policy for our website.