The Porsche outdoor, all-season car cover is designed to perfectly fit your vehicle. This durable cover is made from a white, completely water-proof material with a coloured Porsche crest and PORSCHE logo. Whether your car is stored in the garage, or exposed to the elements, it is always recommended to keep it covered. This car cover is made from an exclusive fabric that reflects heat from the sun to help lower the temperature inside your car. The Porsche outdoor car cover also provides a layer of protection for your vehicle against weather elements and can help prevent minor dings, dirt, and debris from building up on your paint. The outdoor car cover comes with a practical, breathable bag for easy set-up and storage. It also features an anti-theft system that allows you to protect your cover from being stolen. Be proud to get in and drive right away each time you remove your car cover.

Item no.: 95804400009