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Porsche Classic Motoroil 10W-50, 1 litres

€22.001000 ml (€22.00 / 1.00 L), incl. VAT

Designed especially for the water-cooled four-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines in Porsche transaxle models: Porsche Classic Motoroil. A synthetic high-performance oil with a viscosity of 10W-50 for 924, 928, 944 and 968.

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Offering superb lubricating and protective properties, with high temperature resistance and very good shear stability in all operating conditions. The engine oil impresses with an excellent cold start viscosity, featuring exemplary flow behaviour through all engine components when starting from cold.
Engineered in Weissach. Made in Germany.

Compatible with: Pouch for Porsche Classic Motoroil, Metal plate – Motoroil 10W50

If you want to keep your Porsche classic car’s heart beating strongly for many more years to come, don’t forget to change the oil regularly. The first point of contact for an oil change is your Porsche Classic Partner or Porsche Centre. Here you will find all oils and fluids from Porsche Classic.

Item no.: PCG04321000