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Porsche E-Performance Accessories: charge your electric and plug-in hybrid models.

With Porsche E-Performance, our concept for emotional electromobility, we're taking a step further towards the mobility of the future. And bringing Porsche electric and plug-in hybrid models together with a sophisticated charging infrastructure. This also includes powerful charging accessories, with which you can conveniently charge up at home, for example. With Porsche charging equipment, you can charge your electric vehicle at home not only more conveniently, but also faster. The different Porsche charging cables and chargers as well as adapters are perfectly matched to our Porsche models. And promise maximum efficiency when charging. Discover our range of charging hardware for your electric and plug-in hybrid Porsche. In addition to the Porsche electric cars and hybrid models, Porsche also offers an exclusive Porsche electric bicycle in the unique and well thought-out Porsche design.

For at home and on the go: Porsche charging accessories.

Whether at home or on the road, the charging accessories from Porsche are easy to transport and you can use the Porsche chargers on both household and industrial sockets. You can take Porsche E-Performance at its word: as with all our Porsche Collections, the highest standards in terms of quality, efficiency and design also apply to our charging accessories. We don't just think about your Porsche, but also about you: the Porsche charging cable for on the go comes with a transport bag with a fastening concept for the boot and gloves. So you're well equipped for the journey in your electric Porsche.

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