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Roof Tent

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Black/light grey hard shell case.

Colour: Light Grey
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Passionate Porsche enthusiasts can now spend the night in close proximity to their sports car. Better yet by ending a day of adventure in the Porsche roof tent – preferably surrounded by nature. This is because the elevated lying position offers a wonderful view of forest and meadows, mountains and lakes. Those who want to can also look up through the skylight and go on an adventurous discovery of the night sky. In addition to the Skyview skylight, the roof tent has 2 side windows. These can be opened completely for ventilation and closed at night with an insect screen and additional blackout screen. While driving, the 2-person tent is safely stowed in an aerodynamically shaped hard shell case.

The hard shell case, designed in the Weissach development centre, is available in a choice of black/light grey or black/dark grey. It was designed by Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See and features the distinctive matt black "PORSCHE" lettering on both sides. This all season tent features a breathable cotton blend fabric, waterproof zippers and an additional rain cover for the access hatch. The side walls are a special eye-catching feature. They quote the legendary flyline of the 911 and are also printed with "PORSCHE" lettering. Yet the interior also has some highlights to offer, for example the well insulated, light grey quilted lining, which is printed with a mountain silhouette at the head end. The quilted pattern resonates on the integrated, comfortable high-density polyfoam mattress.

Prior to travelling, the Porsche roof tent is attached to the base carrier roof transport system and can be further secured with the anti-theft system:

At your chosen spot, it can be set up in no time at all. After opening the two lockable safety tabs, the hard shell case is lifted a little and then unfolded, thanks to support from two gas pressure shock absorbers. The underbody foot section can then be unfolded and stabilised using the integrated telescopic ladders. Afterwards, the already unfolded tent only needs to be shaped and tensioned with 4 spring rods.

Dimensions and weights:

Dimensions (folded): 146 x 140 x 33 cm (length x width x height)Dimensions (folded): 258 x 257 x 118 cm (length x width x height)Overhead area: 210 x 130 cmWeight: approx. 56 kgMaximum payload when stationary (persons and luggage): approx. 190 kilograms (vehicles with roof rails) or approx. 140 kilograms (vehicles without roof rails)Maximum speed with roof tent mounted: 130 km/h

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Item no.: 992044895A

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