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While the award-winning tech specialists from HONOR take its new foldable flagship smartphone HONOR Magic V2 RSR as a base, the visionaries from Porsche Design have fueled it with their distinct sportscar-DNA. The result is a smartphone that accelerates the mobile lifestyle of tech enthusiasts and Porsche lovers alike.

Redefining the Sports Car Fantasy

The Porsche-style flyline runs the length of the phone back, evoking the legendary sports car Porsche 911 and its sense of pulsating energy. It shapes the backside to improve the grip and the handling – a design feature that brings the sports car feeling right into your palm.


The HONOR Magic V2 RSR is one of the thinnest and fastest foldable phones worldwide – yet with its striking design elements probably one of the most iconic. Of course, all design measures are not only for the sake of a distinct look, but to serve a purpose. As Professor F. A. Porsche, founder of Porsche Design, once said: "Design is not simply art, it is elegance of function."


Ultra-thin foldable device with Anti-scratch NanoCrystal Shield

Exceptional Battery Performance for Uninterrupted Connectivity

Triple Rear Camera System for Unrivaled Photography

Porsche DNA. Down to the last detail.

The integrated camera ensures to capture life’s most precious (and fastest) moments. And because performance needs the right protection, the 3-lense-camera is guarded by 3D glass inspired by Porsche windshields with its rounded sides and framed by titanium – a super light and durable material that you can rely on.