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Porsche eBikes: unique Porsche technology on two wheels.

Start an excursion with a Porsche electric bike and experience what it means to discover the unique Porsche technology on two wheels. Whether it's the Porsche E-Mountain Bike, E-Road Bike or E-Touring Bike – Porsche has the right electric bike for you for every route. Porsche's iconic design is reflected in all Porsche eBikes. And the unique technology and stability will remind you on every ride that your eBike is an electric bike from Porsche.

Perfect for an active day-to-day life: Porsche eBikes for him and her.

Porsche is known for its high-quality cars. Yet more and more Porsche enthusiasts are discovering Porsche eBikes for themselves and are enjoying the Porsche feeling on two wheels. Whether it's an E-Commuter Bike, an electric road bike or a Porsche E-Mountain Bike, these Porsche eBikes are perfect for active day-to-day life and offer a comfortable and efficient means of getting around. With the support of powerful electric motors from Porsche eBikes, you can easily cover longer distances, while saving time and energy and enjoying iconic Porsche design. Porsche eBikes are, of course, equipped with the latest technology and offer a wide range of functions to optimise your riding experience.

Plan a holiday with the new Porsche eBikes.

Porsche eBikes are a great way to experience the countryside in a different way while keeping fit. Porsche recently launched a range of state-of-the-art eBikes that offer a perfect combination of performance and style. Holidays with a Porsche eBike, such as a Porsche E-Mountain Bike, a Porsche E-Touring Bike or a Porsche E-City Bike, let you explore nature in a relaxed and comfortable way. You can customise your holiday itinerary to suit your needs and abilities while also fully enjoying the scenery and surroundings.

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