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AHEAD is both a road trip and a lifestyle.

AHEAD is the route to the next adventure. AHEAD is emotion on four wheels. It is a Porsche moment that becomes a unique story: experiencing roads, discovering places and meeting people. AHEAD is a road trip on the west coast of the US, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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The year 2024 is the beginning of a journey that starts on the west coast of the US before continuing to other places. AHEAD combines special routes with emotional moments and exciting personalities. Welcome to the first AHEAD road trip.

From Downtown LA to Death Valley and all the way to Palm Springs: the calendar photography immerses the customer in a thrilling road trip through the most diverse landscapes, accompanied by reports from extraordinary people in the Porsche community.

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Where values are indicated as ranges, they do not refer to a single, specific vehicle and are not part of the offered product range. They are only for the purposes of comparison between different vehicle types. Additional equipment and accessories (add-on parts, tyre formats etc.) can change relevant vehicle parameters such as weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics. These factors, in addition to weather, traffic conditions and driving behaviour, can influence the fuel/electricity consumption, CO2 emissions, range and performance values of a vehicle.

912 Carrera S: Fuel consumption combined: 11,1 - 10,1 l/100 km / CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 251 - 229 g/km / May 2024

912 Carrera Cabriolet: Fuel consumption combined: 10,6 - 10,3 l/100 km / CO2-emissions combined (WLTP): 242 - 235 g/km / June 2024