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Porsche charging equipment

Find first-class Porsche equipment for convenient charging of your all-electric or plug-in hybrid model – at home and on the road. Find the right charging equipment for your vehicle: Cayenne, Taycan, Panamera or Macan.

Porsche Mobile Charger

Charging time: 11 hours*

Power output: up to 7.2 kW

Charging at household or industrial electrical outlets

Use on the road and at home

For all Porsche plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles

* Charging time depends on vehicle model and battery size

Porsche Wallbox - Available from Q3/2024

Charging time: 5 hours*

Power output: up to 22 kW

Ideal solution for home installation

Smart charging with LTE, Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Full integration into the My Porsche app

For all Porsche plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles

* Charging time depends on vehicle model and battery size

Control and configure the Wallbox with the My Porsche app, while also keeping an eye on all charging processes.

Charging Dock for Mobile Charger

The charging dock allows for safe and convenient storage of the Porsche Mobile Charger. It can be mounted on the garage wall with the included wall mount. Optional design covers offer a stylish upgrade for the charging dock.

Additional charging equipment

Looking for our classic charging equipment?

Our exclusive Porsche chargers and adapters provide a first-class solution for fast and safe charging of 6V and 12V vehicle batteries. If your vehicle has not been in use for a long time and the battery has lost power, our original Porsche vehicle accessories offer a reliable way to get your Porsche back on the road.

Porsche chargers for 6V or 12V car batteries

Porsche E-Performance accessories: Charge your electric and plug-in hybrid models in style.

As part of our vision for emotionally charged electromobility, Porsche E-Performance, we are taking a step further towards the mobility of the future. We are bringing Porsche electric and plug-in hybrid models together with a well-thought-out charging infrastructure that includes powerful accessories. This not only enables you to conveniently charge your vehicle at home, but also provides faster charging speeds. Our high-quality Porsche charging cables, chargers, and adapters are optimally tailored to the various Porsche models and promise maximum efficiency when charging. Discover our wide range of charging hardware to optimize your electric and plug-in hybrid Porsche experience. In addition to electric cars and hybrid models, Porsche also offers an exclusive eBike in a unique and well-thought-out Porsche design.

For home and on the go: Innovative charging accessories from Porsche.

Whether you're at home or on the go, Porsche's charging accessories offer a convenient solution. Porsche chargers are easy to transport and can be used with both household and industrial outlets. At Porsche E-Performance, you can trust our word. Just like all of our Porsche collections, our charging accessories meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and design. And we're not just thinking about your vehicle, but also about you: The Porsche charging cable for on-the-go comes with a transport bag that includes a fastening concept for the trunk and even gloves. This ensures you're optimally equipped for every journey in your electric Porsche.

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