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Key rings

With our Porsche key rings, your keys are safely stowed away.

You turn the key, the cockpit lights up and the engine roars – it's a magical moment. The key to your car has a truly symbolic character. With our Porsche key rings and key cases, you not only keep your key safe and always have it to hand, you also give it your personal touch. Your car key, like a Porsche wallet, is not just any utensil; it's the key to your personal driving experience. Whether it's for a brand new model or a timeless classic: discover the variety of original Porsche key rings in our Porsche Online Shop, from key rings and lanyards to key pouches made of high-quality leather. And feel even more goose bumps every time you start your Porsche.

From sporty to elegant: Porsche key rings to suit every taste.

Our range of Porsche key rings are ideal for every taste and need. With the sporty Porsche key rings, your key stays hooked to your emotions. The motorsport-inspired designs with carabiner, key ring and safety clasp ensure the perfect look on the racetrack. Or how about a Porsche key case made from Alcantara® or leather from Porsche Tequipment? Custom-fit for your Porsche 911, 718, Panamera, Macan, Cayenne or Taycan car key. Our assortment also includes numerous other key rings and key cases from Porsche Design or Porsche Classic made of high-quality leather. The purist designs with clear lines give our key rings a timeless style.

A love that lasts: Porsche crest key rings for enthusiasts.

Lovingly and stylishly designed key rings give your driving experience a Porsche-style finishing touch right down to the keys. Our Porsche crest key ring is a well-loved classic. With the traditional Porsche crest embedded in high-quality leather, you always have a small piece of Porsche close at hand, even when parked. From yellow, red, rubystone pink or blue to neutral colours such as black, beige or grey, your taste knows no limits with this Porsche key ring. In combination with one of the Porsche exclusive watches, you can perfect your appearance – the devil is in the details.

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