The Porsche Design Roadster Hardcase Trolley Collection

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Your Porsche beyond the road.

Discover the new exclusive Porsche Design Roadster Hardcase Trolley Collection. The design is inspired by the iconic Porsche spirit. Available in three Porsche vehicle colours and in three sizes. The collection represents more than just luggage: it is a symbol of luxury and a modern business lifestyle.

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Characteristic Porsche details:

Roller design in vehicle wheel look

Robust ball-bearing rollers

Porsche Crest luggage tag made of genuine leather

Light polycarbonate shell

Height-adjustable, ergonomic handle

Integrated packing cubes

Double TSA lock and an anti-theft zip

The perfect companion for all Porsche models

Pure precision.

The Porsche Design Roadster Hardcase Business Trolley S offers a volume of 45 litres. Perfect for a modern business lifestyle. It combines style and functionality with a large front opening, a volume expansion function and a USB port so that your devices are always online, even on the go. Two of these compact companions fit perfectly in the luggage compartment of a Porsche 911*.

A woman standing next to three red hardcase trolley suitcases
A woman pushing a red Porsche Design hardcase trolley suitcase, in front of a man pushing a grey Porsche Design Hardcase Trolley suitcase.

Spacious luxury.

Shift your travel experience up a gear with the Porsche Design Roadster Hardcase Trolley M. With a volume of 83 litres, it combines elegance and functionality and fits perfectly into the luggage compartment of a Porsche 911*. The double zip system makes it possible to expand the storage space.

Threee black Porsche Design Hardcase Trolleys on a red background.
The open trunk of a red Porsche 911 containing a red Porsche Design Hardcase Trolley
Close-up of a black Porsche Design Hardcase Trolley in front of a black Porsche 911

Travel on a grand scale.

The Porsche Design Roadster Hardcase Trolley L is ideal for anyone who needs even more space. With a volume of 115 litres, this trolley is the perfect example of elegant reliability. The double zip system expands your options and ensures you can take everything you need with you on your travels.

*It is recommended to perform a personal examination of the specific features of the vehicle.