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Porsche eBikes


The new Porsche eBike SportThe new Porsche eBike Sport
Electrifying. To the smallest detailElectrifying. To the smallest detail
The new Porsche eBike CrossThe new Porsche eBike Cross

The new Porsche eBikes are available.

The new Porsche eBike Sport not only emulates the legendary flyline of the 911 in design, but it was also manufactured with the same passion for detail.

The high level of component integration ensures an ideal balance between performance and elegance.

An e-bike that is fun and at the same time has a serious, streamlined appearance:

the new Porsche eBike Cross guides you safely through everyday life, but only unleashes its true strength off the asphalt. Every single one of its high-quality components was designed for rough terrain. Whether on extended tours or trail adventures.

Discover the adrenaline-charged Porsche driving feeling on two wheels.