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Multimedia & electronic accessories from Porsche – real performers.

Laptops, laptop bags, iPhone cases and Bluetooth speakers: With our Porsche multimedia products, we extend your Porsche experience far beyond the driver's seat. Our range of Porsche multimedia and electronic accessories offer unique highlights. It doesn't matter whether you want to upgrade your entire living room, your desk or just your iPhone. Exclusive materials, perfect workmanship and our attention to detail ensure that our Porsche electronics accessories offer the best protection for your devices. Discover our Porsche multimedia offer and show your passion for Porsche in all its facets.

On the road with Porsche: electronic accessories and protective covers.

For everyone who prefers to be on the road, we have the right offer with our Porsche multimedia accessories. Our Porsche electronics accessories offer iPhone and notebook cases that not only look exclusive, but above all keep your important accessories safe. The high-quality and durable materials of our Porsche multimedia accessories such as leather, neoprene or polycarbonate protect your devices from scratches, shock and dirt. The smart and minimalist designs are good looking and fun. You'll also find Bluetooth headphones and speakers in our range of Porsche multimedia products. Equip yourself perfectly for your next trip in our Porsche Online Shop.

Porsche multimedia and audio: technically incomparable.

When it comes to the multimedia range from Porsche, sound matters. The wireless and portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for on the go. Like the other products from the Porsche Originals Collection, the Porsche 911 soundbar with the original exhaust system of the 911 GT3, on the other hand, has the potential to become your absolute design highlight at home. With this statement, you bring the sound of the racetrack right into your living room. 

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