Search and ranking results

How does the search in the Porsche Shop work? What influences the order of the products listed?

The search function in the Porsche Shop aims to show you the most suitable and relevant search results.

Upon entering a search query, the search engine first searches all data records for matches. The search considers various elements such as titles, texts, attributes (such as colours and sizes), synonyms, word corrections, and language properties to produce a set of results. The textual relevance aims to narrow down your search query to the matching products.

In the next step, these pre-filtered results are put into order using different criteria. This sorting of products into product or search results pages is called ranking. This ensures that the products most relevant to your search query appear first, while less relevant results appear later. Below, you will find information about the ranking criteria we use (Relevance Strategy):

Business relevance: criteria such as margin, turnover, number of units sold and return rates are taken into account here. These criteria are determined by Porsche Sales & Marketplace and are taken into account on all category and search results pages.

AI-based ranking: with AI-based ranking, trends in user behaviour are analysed and recognised using artificial intelligence. The online behaviour of all users is analysed for the individual products and reported equally to all users. This means that products with higher click-through and conversion rates are ranked higher and products with lower click-through and conversion rates are given lower priority. The AI-based ranking is activated as soon as sufficient data on user behaviour is available.

Personalisation: if Porsche Sales & Marketplace has enough individual data to personalise your search and you have given your consent to your individual user behaviour being recorded, the search results will be sorted based on your personal preferences. The AI-based ranking is deactivated as soon as a personalised display takes place. Your individual click-through and conversion behaviour is analysed and an individual ranking is displayed.

Selected products: in addition, certain products can be highlighted by Porsche Sales & Marketplace by placing them at the top of the product or search results page. These products are selected by Porsche Sales & Marketplace based on defined criteria and marked with 'Porsche Selection'.

Sorting options on product and search results pages

As a customer, you have various options for changing the order of the products on a product or search results page. Sorting options include:

Sorting by lowest to highest price: sorting by the lowest to highest offer price shows items with the lowest price at the top and items with the highest price at the bottom.

Sorting by highest to lowest price: sorting by the highest to lowest offer price shows items with the highest price at the top and items with the lowest price at the bottom.

Sorting by new products: sorting by new products shows the products that were published most recently on the platform at the top.

Sorting by top results: when sorting by top results, we show you the best results for your search query. The ranking of the products under top results is determined by the following three ranking criteria: business-relevant criteria, AI-based ranking (based on the behaviour of all users) and personalisation (based on your individual user data). You can find more information under 'Relevance Strategy'.