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Porsche speakers and headphones: superb Porsche sound for your home

Butterflies in your stomach. And goosebumps. That moment when you step on the gas. When adrenaline and dopamine unite. And then this sound. Is there anything more beautiful than the rich engine sound of your Porsche on a country road? We agree. But Porsche wouldn't be Porsche if we didn't at least try to bring this exhilarating feeling into your home with our Porsche soundbars and speakers.

We value high-quality workmanship and excellent sound quality in our Porsche soundbars and speakers. Simple connectivity must also meet the highest standards, not only when it comes to our Porsche notebooks, but also many other connectable devices. Whether with the Porsche soundbar made from the original rear silencer and tailpipe trim of the Porsche 911, the puristic Porsche Design soundbar in a compact format or wireless Bluetooth speakers and headphones in Porsche Design — with Porsche audio devices you set new standards in your home. Acoustically and optically. Discover a large selection of Porsche speakers and headphones in our Porsche Online Shop. And bring that unique Porsche sound home.

Porsche soundbar and speaker made from original Porsche parts.

With our Porsche 911 soundbar made from the original rear silencer and tailpipe trim of the Porsche 911 GT3, we bring the unmistakable sound of the racetrack to your home. Visually, too, the 911 soundbar in Porsche Design will quickly become a favorite in your living room: A limited design object made of original Porsche parts with matte Black and glossy Back elements is not just a speaker, but a real highlight. It can be perfectly combined with other Porsche items for your home. Our portable Bluetooth speaker, the 911 speaker, is also made from an original tailpipe trim from the 911 GT3. The wireless Porsche speakers can be connected to each other allowing you to create your own Dolby Surround Sound. The speakers made from original parts in Porsche Design are not just something for real sports car enthusiasts.

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