The 6-panel cord cap from the MARTINI RACING® Collection perfectly complements any sporty look. An elaborately embroidered MARTINI RACING® stamp with stripe details adorns the front. The iconic stripes can also be found on its shield. The Porsche logo is engraved in the high-quality metal clasp on the back of the cap, and racing stripes are also embroidered on the fastening strap. The integrated sweatband and the bias tapes ensure optimal fit and unsusceptibility, even during sporting activities. The coloured contrasts of the individual elements make the cap a real eye-catcher.

6-panel cord cap from the MARTINI RACING® Collection.

Embroidered MARTINI RACING® stamp on the front.

MARTINI RACING® stripes on the shield.

High-quality metal clasp with Porsche engraving.

MARTINI RACING® embroidered stripes on the shield.

Sweatband and bias tapes inside.

Item no.: WAP5500010P0MR