With the benefit of hindsight, we know which advertising messages of the past were particularly popular, and we have used this knowledge to produce a series of high-quality enamel signs displaying advertising messages from the early years. The 40x60 centimetre design weighs approximately 2.5 kilogrammes and has a convex shape, which makes it particularly stable. With their clear colours and high-gloss UV coating, the signs are not only long-lasting but also look like miniature works of art. These reproductions of advertising messages allow us to reacquaint ourselves with the most popular Porsche advertisements of all time. The world’s leading advertising agencies competed for the chance to dream up these clever slogans, many incorporating puns which still raise a smile today.

In the early 1990s, Jung von Matt came up with a slogan for the Porsche 928 GTS which emphasized this sports car’s second greatest talent: “Most cars get left behind when it accelerates. The rest get left behind when it brakes.” The Porsche 928 GTS could indeed beat almost every other sports car in the world in terms of braking power – something which is still true of many Porsche vehicles to this day.

Item no.: PCG00092810