"Designed for use on the 911 G-Modell (1974 - 1982) and 911 Turbo (1975 - 1982), the new tool bag is made of genuine black leather and red tartan fabric. The design of the fabric is based on a typical seat cover from the 1970s. Based on the development of a tool bag for the 911 F model, the range now includes a tool bag for the subsequent 911 models. To make handling easier, Porsche Classic has replaced the original spark plug tool with a ratchet that features a special spark plug socket wrench and is much more practical to operate.

This tool bag contains the following tools:

- Double open-ended spanners 8x9 & 10x11 & 12x13

- Double open-ended spanners 14x15 & 17x19

- Wheel nut wrench

- Holding tool for V-belt pulley

- Combination pliers

- V-belt

- Towing lug

- Flat-head screwdriver

- Phillips screwdriver I

- Phillips screwdriver II

- Spark plug wrench

- Spark plug ratchet wrench

- Test lamp

- Fuses

- Cleaning cloth"

Item no.: PCG19100201