"The Porsche 914 was presented to the public in 1969. The Porsche Classic Tool Bag for the mid-engine sports car is being released in 2019 to coincide with this anniversary. The exterior of the new tool bag has the Porsche Crest stamped on it, just like the 914/6 horn button, and is finished in an orange-coloured tartan fabric. This look reflects the design of the 914 seat covers. The lettering at the rear of the vehicle is also included on the tool bag. In addition to screwdrivers, spanners, a brass brush, pliers, and a wheel nut wrench, the high-quality tool set has elements that are used exclusively on the 914. These elements include the towing lug with the special screw thread, the wheel cap extraction hook, or the perfectly matched ratchet with a socket for replacing the spark plug. The length of this spark plug socket has been matched to the different engine variants of the 914 with four and six cylinders. The tool bag also contains a V-belt, which is only intended for the 914/6.

This tool bag contains the following tools:

- Double open-ended spanners 8x9 & 10x11 & 12x13

- Double open-ended spanners 14x15 & 17x19

- Wheel nut wrench

- Holding tool for V-belt pulley

- Combination pliers

- Ring spanner

- Phillips screwdriver

- Flat-head screwdriver

- V-belt

- Spark plug wrench

- Spark plug ratchet wrench

- Brush

- Feeler gauge

- Hub cap puller

- Towing lug

- Cleaning cloth

Item no.: PCG91472110