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'Artifacts' book

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An unparalleled artistic view into the secretive Porsche Corporate Archive.Introducing Artifacts, a captivating coffee table book brought to you by Type7 and published by ERG Media with Edition Porsche Museum. Delve into a curated artistic exploration of the items, vehicles, and human stories that have shaped Porsche into the iconic brand it is today.
Language: english
Colour: Multicolor
Size: One Size
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Take an unparalleled view into the secretive rooms of the Porsche Corporate Archives with Artifacts, a comprehensive and artistic insight into the historic items, vehicles, and human stories that have made Porsche what it is today.

Presented by Type 7 and published by ERG Media with Edition Porsche Museum, Artifacts is an abstract, artful perspective with dramatic lighting and high resolution photography. Each item is carefully explored by photographer and lead creative Thomas Walk, focusing on the textures, patina, and history contained within each piece.

Photographed on location in Zuffenhausen, thousands of historical pieces have been curated to a meaningful selection, exploring the full scope of the Archives. Encompassing Porsche family items, equipment from Porsche design and development, Porsche Museum cars, and never seen before glimpses of the Archives.

Spanning across 356 pages, the large-format coffee table book accompanies its photography with a separate pull-out index which tells the story behind each item. The result is a reader experience which evokes that of an archivist exploring the physical history of Porsche.

The team at ERG Media focused heavily on an uncompromising approach to packaging, collaborating with Andy Cruz of House Industries to create a tactile experience which mirrors the feeling of the items captured within, including a bespoke font. Arriving wrapped in a paper design with elements in homage to Porsche 911 Turbo design blueprints, once unwrapped, readers will find an archive box, complete with reinforced metal corners. After breaking a seal, the book’s red slipcase is revealed; inspired by racing pedigree and the thousands of document folders that line the shelves of the Archives. Readers slowly unravel the book as a physical experience, unwinding a string and eventually finding a trove of photographs and information within.
1st Edition 2023,356 pages,and special packaging,Edition Porsche Museum,Hard cover photo book with pull-out index,Language: English (US),Packaging: 34cm x 42cm.Publisher: ERG Media,

Item no.: MAP09000723

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