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Unlocking the secrets of Italy’s enchanting second city, the Type 7 Guide to Milan distills the capital of arts, design, and finance into a perfect experience for those visiting for a day, week, or month. Readers will be transported through over 200 locations, each carefully selected and tested by the Type 7 team for their unique qualities.Expect multi-generational fried pizza shops in the shadow of the iconic Duomo, perfect Lombardian cuisine, the cutting edge of espresso culture, perhaps the best tiramisu you will ever experience, and the birthplace of the negroni sbagliato. The exhaustive list of recommendations are complimented with rich film photography, captured by the Type 7 team as they explored the city and capture the blend of elegance, style, and irreverence that the city is known for globally.To find the most essential places to visit, readers will find certain locations stamped ’24 Hours in Milan’, with each stamp featuring a unique artwork to represent the specialty of the location, from inventive cocktails to a hearty osso buco.The Type 7 Guide to Milan is presented inside a chic pistachio-hued threadsewn linen hardcover, referencing the local culinary traditions and the green marble spotted in many entryways across the city, with a luxurious feel that provides a distinctly aesthetic experience whether presented on a coffee table or on the move.
1st Edition 2024232 pagesFormat: 23 cm x 28 cmHard coverLanguage: English (US)Publisher: ERG Media

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