Protect your 911 (992) Dakar's interior with premium Porsche branded rubber floor mats. Designed to fit your specific Porsche model, this 2-piece floor mat set is the perfect blend of style and functionality. Crafted from high-quality rubber materials, Porsche all-weather floor mats are impermeable to water and include a raised surrounding rim protecting your interior from salt, dirt, water and other debris.

A set consists of two black rubber floor mats for the driver and passenger side. Each mat shows the vehicle silhouette of the 911 Dakar and deepened flow lines with the shadow cast at an angle. The starting and ending coordinates of the Paris–Dakar Rally are also specified in 1984: the coordinates of the Place de la Concorde in Paris (48° 51' 56,279"" N, 2° 19' 16,45"" E) on the driver's floor mat, the coordinates of the Retba Lake at the gates of Dakar (14° 50' 19,622"" N, 17° 14' 2,875"" W).

Both mats have an extra wide, wide raised edge. It ensures that water, mud and sand accumulate on the inlay and does not reach the footwell if possible. The floor mats can be removed and cleaned with water. After drying, they are secured again to the designated brackets in a slip-proof manner.

Item no.: 992044893