The inflatable Porsche trunk box allows dogs of different sizes to be transported easily and safely.

The box, available in two sizes, has three fastening options on each side, on which it can be secured securely in the vehicle using the supplied belts.

It is particularly simple and practical to handle, as the luggage compartment box for dogs is not only foldable and particularly lightweight, but can also be inflated in the shortest possible time.

The air cushions, which are filled as a result, act like an airbag as an impact protection for the dog. This also damps the ground shafts, providing maximum comfort during transport.

The luggage compartment box is made of soft components: Its innovative Dropstitch material, known for its sports field, is not only particularly comfortable, but also extremely robust. It reliably withstands scratches, bites, dirt and liquids. Thanks to its hygienic and water-repellent properties, the luggage compartment box can be completely washed off with water from the inside and outside.

The openings in the trunk box are made of translucent mesh fabric, which ensures good ventilation. One of the windows is located on the back of the box, thereby enabling a clear view of the vehicle interior. The robust zippers can be fastened so that they cannot be opened by the dog. The luggage compartment box has a carrying handle on the underside, and the window frictions serve as additional handles.

The enclosed load sill guard can be attached to the box using carabiners to prevent dirt and scratches on the vehicle.

The luggage compartment box for dogs is also suitable for use outside the vehicle. For example, it serves as a place to sleep at home or as a familiar place to retreat while traveling.

Available in two different sizes:

Luggage compartment box wide: Suitable for Labrador, Irish Setter, Shepherd, Collie, Rottweiler, Dalmatiner and much more up to 40 kg

Luggage compartment box narrow: Suitable for Yorkshire Terrier, Pekinese, Lid, Dwarf's pulp, Dwarf's stalk and much more, up to 18 kg

Product details:

- Luggage compartment box for dogs made of dropstitch material in gray with “PORSCHE” logo

- Black side storage nets and zippers

- Available in two sizes (wide and narrow)

- Dimensions (width x depth x height):

Luggage compartment box wide: Outside dimensions: 95 x 82 x 69 cm; inside dimensions: 85 x 77 x 64 cm

Luggage compartment box narrow: Outside dimensions: 50 x 82 x 69 cm; inside dimensions: 40 x 77 x 64 cm

- Incl. Load sill guard in gray

- Incl. 4 fastening straps (2x short, 2x long)

- Incl. Foot pump with hose in black

- Incl. Repair set

Item no.: 9Y0044891