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The Turbo No. 1 Collection

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The Turbo principle

With its peerless performance, the first 911 Turbo took the automotive industry by storm fifty years ago. What was previously only possible on the track, Porsche then brought to the road. The intensity of the unimaginable becoming possible. Assured elegance and pulsating energy, deep history and technological advancement – the Turbo combines the best of both worlds. It continues to produce this tangible excitement to this day. The Porsche 911 Turbo, the one and always.

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Legendary tartan.

As a birthday present for Louise Piëch, the “Louise” Turbo which was named after her was given a few unique features with her in mind. For example, only the side windows and the rear window were tinted. This allowed Louise, who was a passionate painter, to see the landscapes in their natural colours through the windscreen on her trips up into the Austrian mountains. The interior of this special 911 Turbo model featured the now legendary tartan pattern. This covered practically the entire interior and also inspired our anniversary Lifestyle Collection.

Legendary Versatility.

The exclusive Lifestyle Collection is a special highlight. Jumpers with logo details and T-shirts take up the prominent chequered pattern, matching the trainers and the Turbo No. 1, of course. Its versatility and agility inspired other parts of the collection in a special way: with reversible jackets and a bucket hat that can be turned over and worn two ways, with a louder, tartan side and a more simple Grey or Black side. Other parts of the collection include plain polo shirts and matching clothing for children. For a trip with the Turbo, it's best to pack bags from the 50 Years of the 911 Turbo Lifestyle Collection.

The Turbo No. 1 Collection

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The Turbo Collection is more than a lifestyle collection, it's a statement. A statement for anyone with the courage to follow their dreams and write new stories.

The Turbo No. 1 Collection

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