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Vitra for Porsche

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Pepita Edition by Vitra for Porsche available now

Vitra and Porsche: Timeless Design

Discover the fusion of iconic interior design and sportscar heritage with the Pepita Edition by Vitra for Porsche. Celebrate a legacy of innovation where the elegant contours of Vitra design classics meet the legendary Pepita fabric by Porsche. Crafted in Germany, these chairs aren’t just a piece of furniture – they are a statement of timeless design. Revel in the epitome of style and performance with a design that dates back to 1948, marking a pivotal moment for both interior aficionados and sportscar enthusiasts. The Eames Plastic Chair transformed spaces with its groundbreaking design, just as the Porsche 356 revolutionised the roads. This collection brings you more than a chair; it embodies a journey through time, passion, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Own a symbol of 76 years of automotive excellence with the Pepita Edition – where every stitch captures the spirit of Porsche.

Pepita. More than a pattern 

Experience the heritage of Porsche with the iconic Pepita pattern – a classic design that adorned the unforgettable 356 and became synonymous with the legendary 911. The trademark black and white checked pattern remains a firm favourite of owners and fans to this day. Embrace elegance and simplicity in every thread with masterfully woven Pepita cloth, crafted with precision and care, honouring decades of enduring design and signature Porsche craftsmanship.

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Porsche: Elegance, Quality, Performance

Porsche’s design is synonymous with timeless elegance, innovative technology and top quality. As a renowned vehicle manufacturer, Porsche embodies the passion for perfection and outstanding engineering that has made the company the epitome of automotive excellence. By combining functionality and unique aesthetics, Porsche has created a wide range of products that are inspired by the iconic Porsche 911, among others, and reflect the same spirit of progress.

It is the dedication to perfection in every detail that sets Porsche apart. Because of the products’ distinctive design language and the use of high-quality materials, the brand is known worldwide for its exceptional performance and distinguished looks. By combining tradition and innovation, Porsche has created a unique style that continues to set new standards in the world of design.

Vitra for Porsche

The cooperation between Porsche and Vitra is a fusion of technical expertise and refined aesthetics. The two brands do not only have the pursuit of perfection and excellent performance in common, but also historical milestones. In 1948, Ray and Charles Eames – inventors of the lounge chair, among other things – submitted their design for the Eames Plastic Chair to a design competition at the Museum of Modern Art, while Porsche presented its first sports car, the 356, in the same year. It is almost impossible to overestimate the influence that these parallel innovations had on the modern interpretations. From comfortable office chairs and design classics such as the lounge chair to stylish kitchen chairs: Vitra stands for exclusive furniture in premium quality.

The result of the cooperation is a design that radiates timeless elegance and raises the standards of the modern living area to a new level. By combining their innovative strength and experience, Vitra and Porsche create seating furniture that is not only functional, but also radiates luxury and is a source of inspiration for its owners.

Porsche Pepita Edition by Vitra

The Porsche Pepita Edition by Vitra is a limited collection that features an iconic design, excellent craftsmanship, and outstanding comfort. Pepita, the black and white check pattern that is now considered a trademark, has already become synonymous with the brand and impresses with its simple elegance. Respect for its history and cultural significance plays a fundamental role in the production of the fabric. With its unmistakable charm, the Pepita pattern continues to be an essential part of the world of design and a tribute to the unique style of the legendary Porsche 911. With the Porsche Pepita Edition chairs by Vitra, you can now enjoy the exclusive design in your home and experience luxurious comfort.

Two iconic styles combined: The Eames Plastic Side Chair Pepita Edition is based on the famous design that Ray and Charles Eames invented – and adds the original Porsche Pepita fabric to create a unique statement piece. It does not only feature elegant black-and-white contrasts but also comfortable support: The seat shell is tailored to the shape of the human body.

Spending long hours at the desk can put a strain on your body. Enter the ID Trim L Pepita Edition! This exclusive office chair offers maximum comfort with its adjustable lumbar support and the FlowMotion mechanism that allows for extra flexibility and a relaxed posture. Its design is a homage to Porsche: from the Pepita fabric on the seat and back to the leather-covered headrest that is emblazoned with the Porsche crest.

For those who want to relax in style: The Petit Repos Porsche Pepita Edition is a designer armchair that features high-quality materials, like the comfortable upholstery made of the original Porsche Pepita fabric or the black leather that rounds off the classy look. With its clean lines and elegant appearance, the exclusive designer chair adds a touch of luxury to your home -- combining comfort and design.

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