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Welcome to your new favorite room. Here, Porsche enthusiasts will find everything they need to make their favorite place even more exciting: unique collector's items, exclusive Porsche accessories, vehicle accessories and car care as well as high-quality audio products. The Porsche Soul Garage has the right product for everyone, as well as an abundance of ideas for savoring that indescribable Porsche feeling. Transform your home into a place full of sports car passion.

The picture shows a man and a woman in a room. The woman walks by and the man examines the pictures standing on the wall. A white Carrera typewriter is on the wall and a brown leather couch is in the foreground.Shown is a soundbar from Porsche hanging on the wall.
Shown are model cars from Porsche in a glass cabinetPictured is a man from the side dressed in Porsche.


Porsche Calendar, 2024
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Table clock – 917 Salzburg
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911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro – Ltd.
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Book 'Porsche at Le Mans'
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Poster Set – 911 Dakar
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Barrel seat – Roughroads
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'The Porsche Jump' image set
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Porsche x Garmin® Epix 2 smartwatch
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75 Years of Porsche Garage Mat
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Wine utensils – Essential
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911 hood – Pink Pig
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Collector's items and accessories

Great art embellishes any wall — especially when it's the art of German engineering. The high-quality Porsche Originals are an eye-catcher in every garage. And must-haves for Porsche enthusiasts.

Pictured is a table clock from Porsche.Shown is a Porsche 911 Speaker.

Vehicle care and accessories

Give your Porsche the care it deserves. Our care products are specially formulated for the high-quality materials of your Porsche, allowing it to shine in new splendor. In the Soul Garage, you will find a large selection of exclusive accessories and care products.

Shown is a black roof basket and the rear of a gray Porsche.
Shown is a Porsche Classic tool bagShown is a Porsche Classic tool bag.

Clothing and accessories

They perfect your look, set elegant accents and give your day-to-day life that Porsche feeling. The attention to detail that you know from our sports cars can also be found in our high-quality Porsche accessories and clothing. The perfect fusion of elegance and sportiness.

Pictured is a Porsche watch on the wrist of a manPictured is a man from the side dressed in Porsche.

The Porsche Soul Garage: Welcome to your new favorite room.

Here Porsche enthusiasts find everything they need to enhance their favorite place: rare collector's items, typical Porsche accessories, vehicle care products and accessories, as well as multimedia and audio products. In the Porsche Soul Garage there's the right decorative element for everyone, and an abundance of new ideas for savoring that indescribable Porsche feeling at home. Countless key cases, even more model car collector's models, beautifully designed tin signs from Porsche Classic, wall calendars and much more. Turn your garage into a place where sports car passion is lived out with the garage equipment from Porsche.

Porsche garage equipment and decoration — more space for true masterpieces.

Whether in the historical sow design, in an elegant GT2 RS look or in the sporty MARTINI RACING® look: The exclusive Porsche indoor car covers offer perfect protection and give your garage the feeling of a pit lane and winner's podium. Breathable, dirt-repellent and simply chic. As a high-quality addition to perfect car care, you'll find all care products from the Porsche Tequipment White Edition in our Porsche Soul Garage — ideal for all materials and surfaces. Great engineering to adorn every wall. Our Porsche Soul Garage product range also offers you plenty of options for wall decorations for a special highlight in your favorite room. From the 911 Motorsport hood and the 911 GT3 Cup rear spoiler as a wall shelf to the 911 sculpture — Bespoke Edition: With the garage equipment from Porsche, you can secure your own piece of Porsche history. Everything is naturally in Porsche quality and original Porsche design.

Accessories, technology and wall decoration: only the best for your Porsche garage.

Porsche stands for unique design and technical perfection. That's why the Porsche Soul Garage also has first-class equipment for perfect sound and the right technology with premium quality. Soundbars with the original exhaust system as a subwoofer extension and wireless speakers in Porsche Design — this sound is just plain fun. And the special icing on the cake is the rim wall clock made from the original 911 rims in the RS Spyder design in our Porsche Soul Garage — with luminous hands and a timeless design. Whether for Porsche drivers, racing fans or Porsche enthusiasts: In our product range for the Porsche Soul Garage you're guaranteed to find the right collector's item — also ideal as a gift for family, colleagues and friends. Transform your garage or favorite room into a den of sports car passion. Bring your personal highlight from the Porsche Soul Garage to your home now.

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