Porsche watches: timeless timepieces.

Our Porsche watches express passion for motorsport like no other watch. The finest materials are handcrafted into unique timepieces with a focus on design and performance. Above all, precision is our top priority: The Swiss movements of our wristwatches from Porsche Design and Porsche Lifestyle are carefully tested for accuracy, for example by the independent testing body Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres [COSC] in Switzerland. They measure time with utmost precision and are timelessly beautiful. Our Porsche watches, along with our other Porsche accessories, are the perfect complement to your business attire. But our Porsche watches for men and women are also the perfect everyday companions for sport and leisure. Discover a large selection of Porsche watches in our Porsche Online Shop.

Porsche watches — sporty and practical.

The chronotimers from Porsche are not only the right partners on the racetrack for measuring your lap times to the second.Chronotimer The stylish watches from Porsche Lifestyle and Porsche Design combine scratch-resistant, sevenfold anti-reflective sapphire glass with simple, effective carbon-fiber and titanium and perfect your look every single day. The Porsche chronographs are available in different versions with two or three separate timekeepers and a stopwatch feature.

Porsche Datetimer – classic Porsche Design watches.

Our Porsche Datetimers are the stylish classics among Porsche Design watches. The simple dial with the subtle Porsche Design logo always looks timeless and elegant thanks to its subtlety. The minimalist clarity unites these Porsche watches with their design role model: the legendary Porsche 911. Porsche Datetimers are made from high-quality materials such as titanium and seven times anti-reflective sapphire glass. Not only are you always right on time, you're also fashionably up to date.

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