Activewear - Women

Discover Porsche sportswear and running wear for women.

From caps to sports socks — in our range of Porsche women's sportswear, there's the right training outfit for every woman. When it comes to our Porsche women's sportswear, we pay attention to two things: Firstly, the material, fit and workmanship of our women's fitness clothing must give you the best possible support while training. Secondly, the typical Porsche design of our sportswear should give you the necessary self-confidence to achieve your training goals. Our Porsche sports collection for women therefore offers modern sportswear and training aids that are developed according to high quality standards and highly functional aspects. Discover the selection of Porsche sports clothing and running wear for women in our Porsche Online Shop.

Matching outfits for every training session: the Porsche women's sports collection.

Your training goals are the benchmark for our Porsche sportswear. Regardless of whether you're walking outside during wind and weather conditions, or showing your talents on a hot day on the tennis or golf course, or sweating it out in the gym — with the women's fitness clothing from Porsche you're well equipped for your training: Functional and innovative materials and fabrics make our Porsche fitness clothing just as special as the typical Porsche design. Purist and timeless. Developed for you with attention to detail. Discover our Porsche Sportswear for women here in the Porsche Online Shop and start training with new-found energy.

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